And she’s buying a stairway…


268 steps. Just 268 steps. Keep thinking that as you climb higher and your calves try to explode.

Located just behind Camp Foster, off of 130, is someone’s idea of fun. A completely insane persons idea of fun. The “Stairway to Heaven” as it’s called is a great way to get in some butt burning cardio in Okinawa, or just a good way to torture yourself in the tropical heat.

I think this staircase was originally envisioned as an easy way for Marines and their family members to get from Plaza housing to Camp Foster. In reality, it’s an easy way to get down from Plaza to Foster, but there is nothing easy about the way up. I’m not sure how many flights there are, but they vary in pitch and number of stairs. I think the person responsible for the blueprint was drunk when they drew them up. Some of the steps are deep, others are shallow, and the whole thing is only one person wide. There are landings between each flight, but you wouldn’t want to have a bunch of people on this thing at one time. Not the most user friendly design, but a lot of things in Okinawa are not user friendly.

I took Hannah over for some pre-kickboxing conditioning. I should probably be turned in to Child Protective Services for that.

I made it up twice before my legs were shaking harder than a fat guy on one of those coin operated motel beds. I wasn’t real sure I was going to make it down without falling.

Hannah also made it up twice. Slowly, but without a single complaint. A small miracle worthy of mention for my grumpy 12 year old.

So if you’re up for a little torture, uh I mean exercise, give it a go. And yes, there are only 268 steps. I promise.


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