Rolly slide madness pt.2

It’s not an obsession. I promise.

On the way to Sefa-Utaki today, we drove past this awesome rolly slide. It’s right on the side of the highway.


The park looked really nice, so we slowed down and looked for the entrance. No luck, so we went further down the road, popped a U-ey, and backtracked. Still no entrance. Defeated, we went on about our day. On the way home, I got us lost in Urasoe. While trying to find our way back to a road we know, I ran smack into the entrance to the park. Destiny!

This slide is in Urasoe City Park. It is probably the nicest park we have been to. Very nicely manicured, clean, plenty of parking. And the view from the top of the hill is pretty amazing.

The really unique thing about this slide is it’s location. It is literally right off the road (330), and not too far from the Futenma flight line. There were several planes doing low altitude flyovers the whole time we were there.


A few times, it feels as if you are out over the road. Kinda fun with all the cars whizzing by. The slide itself is fun. Definitely one of the better ones, and it is Angela’s favorite so far. This is the first one I tried without any padding under my butt. I kept losing it on the way down anyway. I wouldn’t recommend going au naturale. Needless to say, it’s my last slide for a while.


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